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Here's why people recommend acupuncture.

Some cases - taken from the stories in my book.

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Ozzie's tale

“When my Spaniel Oz was nearly put to sleep due to his unmanageable back pain – having exhausted all the painkiller options – we tried it. He was restored and we are forever grateful”

Kizi's Tale


“We were amazed when our Yorkshire Terrier Kizi – who had a liver condition – improved to the extent that she didn’t need frequent hospitalisation!”

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Petra's owners' tale


"Sometimes it feels as though the benefits of Petra's acupuncture session extend beyond the dog herself - with such a tactile treatment and all of us being 'hands on', there is definitely the sense of communal experience."

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And the humans' tales



“When I saw how mobile and full of energy my Labrador Oscar was after starting acupuncture for his osteoarthritis, I wanted to try it for myself – it has really helped me cope with my polymyalgia and reduced the need for so much medication (for us both).”


“The relief from the headaches I got from acupuncture helped me think more clearly – therefore I could reassess my job and lifestyle and make changes”.

Loss of smell and taste

“After 18 months with practically no sense of smell or taste, I felt miserable – until there was an almost immediate return with acupuncture. After a few sessions I got them back 95% and I’m so happy! My ENT consultant was amazed!”


Read in more detail about this fascinating case.

Source: Image kindly provided by

Dr Michael Cummings

British Medical Acupuncture Society

Keloid scar heals

 Gillian had recently been told by her surgeon that her only option was plastic surgery, yet there was no guarantee that it would not produce another keloid scar.

"At the time Gillian 'felt something happening' at the area overall but found it hard to describe - 'a slight felling of heat' she ventured. The skin around the scar had tiny flat red spots, like a nettle sting but without the itchiness." (taken from 'Hunter, J (2021), Acupuncture for keloid scar. Acupuncture in Medicine 29 (1):2.'

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Electro-acupuncture for chronic back pain

“I was worried I would become hooked on opiates again; now I only need to take occasional medication - a weight has been lifted off me and I'm getting great nights' sleep."

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